1. 1.Enter password on video player above.

  2. 2.Press play, then press full screen icon (the four-ways arrow).

  3. 3.Watch video reading with class (10 mins).

  4. 4.If video keeps stopping due to a slow connection, press pause and allow video to download fully before playing.

  5. 5.Press ‘escape’ to exit full screen mode.

  6. 6.Go to Part 3 - Samurai Challenge.


If required for follow-on activities, you can download and print the extract text here:


This extract is from an exclusive mini-book called ‘Young Samurai: The Way of Fire’, produced for World Book Day 2010.

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Problems viewing?

Download a different video format in advance of the session. Note files are large (over 120mb) and will take a while to download. Password required (same as video password):

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2 - Video Reading

Extract from ‘The Way of Fire’ exclusive mini-book (10 mins)

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