4 - Author Presentation and Interview

Time to virtually meet Chris Bradford! (15-20 mins)


  1. 1.Click onto the skype program on your computer
    (or double click to start program, if you haven’t already)

  2. 2.Sign in (it may do this automatically)

  3. 3.Type in my Skype name in search box: youngsamurai1

  4. 4.Click the green phone button by the name:
    or ‘Call This Skype Name’

  5. 5.Ensure video and microphone buttons are on, so we can both see and hear one another.

  6. 6.Adjust volume if need be:

  7. 7.Have your students ready to ask me their questions.

  8. 8.Let’s virtually meet!

  9. 9.At end of interview, press hang up button:

  10. 10. Go to Part 5 - Online Videos.

Connection Failure?

In the event connection fails or proves impossible, here is an alternative activity:

Click here for Video Q&A alternative

This is a pre-prepared video interview that your students can watch instead, with a follow-on class activity. It’s advisable to download this video in advance in case there are internet issues on the day.


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Skype in 60 Seconds

Connection Failure?

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Problems viewing? Download video here