4. Video Q&A with Chris Bradford

Use as alternative to live Skype interview (3 mins, plus up to 15 mins follow-on activity)


  1. 1.Press play and watch video interview with Chris Bradford (no password required).

    If video keeps stopping due to a slow connection, press pause and allow video to download

    fully before playing. Also switch off ‘HD on’ icon in top right corner.

  1. 2.Research the following websites in preparation for the discussion in step 3:

www.chrisbradford.co.uk     www.youngsamurai.com      www.facebook.com

  1. 3.Have a group discussion on what else you have discovered about me and my books. Here are some topics and questions to get you started:

    What’s my latest book about?              How many books will there be in the Samurai series?

    What martial arts do I train in?             What are my cats called?

    What’s my favourite type of food?        What’s the worst thing I’ve ever eaten?

    What are my top five travel moments? What was my job before becoming an author?

    What do you think a day in the life of an author would be like?

    How long do you think the research and writing stages of the Young Samurai books took?

    Do you think it’s harder to write a short story or a full novel, and why?

  1. 4.After the discussion, go to Part 5 - Online Videos.

Rearranging the Virtual Interview:

Sorry there has been a technical issue, but we can arrange a new date and time for the virtual interview.

How do I use vimeo player?

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Problems viewing?

Download a different video format in advance of the session. Note files are large (over 100mb) and will take a while to download. No password required:

mp4 format (good for pc)    mov format (good for mac)


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