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5 - Online Videos

A journey of discover into samurai, ninja and Japanese culture (up to 10 mins)

A. Kyujutsu Display (1 min 30 secs)

A real Akiko in action! Watch this girl execute the ancient Art of the Bow and prove girls can be just as deadly as the boys!

B. Kendo Match (25 secs)

Real Young Samurai training in Kendo (The Way of the Sword) similar to how Jack and Akiko would have trained 400 years ago.

C. Bojutsu Display (40 secs)

This young samurai (9 years old) inspired me to include bo staff fighting in Book 2: The Way of the Sword. Watch his display and you’ll see why I was so impressed.

D. Niten Ichi Ryu Samurai School (2 mins)

Discover what Jack and Akiko’s samurai school would have looked like in the real world of Japan.

E. A NInja House (2 mins)

Visit this authentic ninja house complete with secret escape routes, hidden trapdoors and deadly weapons.

F. Samurai Town (3 mins)

Explore the real samurai town of Tsumago in Japan, virtually unchanged in over 400 years.

G. US Tour video (4 mins 35 secs)

Follow me on my first Young Samurai tour of the USA!

H. Sweat of the Samurai (40 secs)

For fun! When you get thirsty why don’t you try this Japanese drink? SWEAT!

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