6 - Student Activities

Worksheets for follow-on activities (up to 30 mins, plus ongoing projects)

Activity Worksheets And Activities

  1. 1.Download Activity Worksheet here: Student Activities Worksheet.pdf

  1. 2.Read and listen to the opening chapters of The Way of the Warrior, then discuss why you think the author chose to open the novel with a prologue. Use these questions as a guide:

  2. BulletWhat is surprising about the opening?

  3. BulletWhat do you learn about the characters, setting, and plot?

  4. BulletWhat connections are made between the prologue and first chapter, and why?

    You can download an audio recording of the first two chapters here (read by the author):


Chapter 1

  1. 3.To continue benefitting from this Virtual Visit, Young Samurai makes an excellent class reader. Please download these free Teachers’ & Librarian’s Guides:

Book 1: YS1_WayoftheWarrior_Guide.pdf

Book 2: YS2_WayoftheSword_Guide.pdf

I hope you enjoyed your Virtual Author Visit.

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